Fluidmaster Duo Flush

I saw a product recently that promised to save up to 15,000 gallons of water a year. It is a retrofit flush valve for a toilet that allows two flush modes - one for liquid and one for solids – if you get what I’m saying. Lift the handle for liquid and push down for solids.

I had installed a similar valve by a different company in our home toilet a couple of years ago. It was somewhat difficult to adjust to get a proper flush. I didn’t feel I could recommend it to my customers.

When I saw the Fluidmaster Duo Flush I contacted the company and they sent me the Duo Flush System to try out. The system has the Duo Flush valve and a ballcock with some water saving features of its own.

The installation was fairly simple for someone used to installing toilet parts. As I always say, having the right tools always makes a job easier. Taking out the old parts and installing the new took about 30 minutes. The adjustment to get the proper flush on both liquids and solids was easy.

The only concern is the flush handle. I found myself wanting to push it too hard. I found that a gentle push or lift was all that was needed.

I am very happy with how the system works. It’s especially nice for old style toilets that use much more water per flush than the new ones.

If you are handy, you could easily install the parts yourself. I would be glad to do the job for you as well. Just give me a call at 303-232-3347 and we can set it up.

Here is the Duo Flush System page.